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Hello again~

 photo 1Homepage.png

As I have mentioned before, I was building my portfolio website. And now it is up and running! If you have moment, please do look at it :3 I have been researching a lot in order to build the website myself and customise it to my own liking. Lots of work, but worthy. Hopefully the employers will like it haha.

Here are some screen shots of the website (

 photo 2Fashiondesign.png

 photo 3Fashionstyling.png

 photo 4Photography.png

 photo 5ArticlesPress.png

 photo 6Biography.pngThanks for coming again hehe ~ I’ll talk to you later!

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First post of 2014! Andddd it’s already 8 months since new year…



 photo DSC00901.jpg

I know. I am in shame. Deep deep shame. 8 months and not a single post for my lovely deary blog. Please accept this photo as me being so shameful I had to face the wall and think about what I didn’t do. Which is writing a blog post.

My excuse is that I did not expect my first year in University would be so hectic and busy. I had 3 terms per academic year and apart from designing and pattern making/cutting and sewing and other practical stuffs, I also have 2 essays each term. They weren’t terribly long but they were hard to write since I have to do a lot of thorough research. And after all those research when I finally gathered all the information needed (by collecting from like 20 different sources ranging from books to e-journals), I had to find a way to compress it into only about 2000 words. That did not include research for my practical work (design projects). But I’ve done them well hehe (I’ve got good marks yay!).

Earlier on I’ve been travelling to a few places. France and Korea. I should be posting my photo diary soon hehe. And now I am back in Vietnam <3

Anyway. What else should I write about..hmmm. Well I have just accomplished one great thing, that is I have finally finished my portfolio website. I have actually been done with the website itself long ago already but I was too lazy to put my stuff up. And just a few days ago I decided to apply for an internship so I finally upload my work there haha. You can find it at . And please do comment about it here if you want to haha.

I’ll talk to you later! Bye~

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My 2013’s highlight? Dyed all my hair pink.


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 photo 559802_10200932235207493_1552056767_n-1.jpg

As you may have known, I’ve had pink dip dyed/ombre hair before, and thanks to that my hair was badly damaged (mostly because I had my hair permed as well though) so I chopped off my hair a few months ago.

Since it was pretty short, I thought that I should use this chance to bleach all my hair and dye it pink. And I did. I won’t be talking too much about the process here but I’ll probably update you with a post about bleaching and dying my hair soon.

For now, I just want to sum up the situation of my hair ever since I first dyed it pink, which was in November, with these pictures of me camwhoring every time my hair changed colour because of washing or re-dying. I’ve dyed it 3 times in 2 months now.

 photo 993733_10200966188816312_752364175_n1-1.jpg

 photo 994656_10201055512609351_1687013344_n1-1.jpg

 photo 1525003_10201204000081445_1754292699_n1.jpg

*Oh and sorry for this very late Merry Christmas picture of mine, I just didn’t feel like making a post with just 1 picture of me with a very cheesy grin like this lol.*

 photo 1505410_10201258046632575_1761718276_n1-1.jpg

Happy holidays everyone!!!
 photo Screenshot2013-12-29at233430.png

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London Calling: Christmas is coming // High streets decorations


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 photo _DSC3068f.jpg

Christmas is coming to town, and it is definitely lurking in every corner of London.

Too bad I’m not going to celebrate my first-Christmas-in-London this year, in fact I am already back to Hanoi. But there’s no reason for me not to enjoy the wonderful festive air of the big city, Christmas decorations have already been hanging around for about a month now lol. And they are absolutely beautiful. I bet it will be even more extravagant when it comes closer to Christmas Eve.

 photo _DSC3066f.jpg

Although I walk on Oxford Street almost everyday, I’m rarely there in the evening. And when I occasionally do, I don’t conveniently have a camera around to capture the beautiful glittery scene (and I keep forgetting to bring one as well, even though I want to photograph it before going back to Vietnam so bad…).

 photo _DSC3069f.jpg

So on this one time when I go shopping with my friends, I remembered to bring my camera! And I went back and forth from Regent Street to Oxford Street then Piccadilly Circus for like 2 hours without feeling any fatigue.

Haven’t felt such satisfaction in such a long time. When I want to do something I just have to do it. Or I’ll throw a tantrum. Well I try not to.

 photo _DSC3073f.jpg

Oxford Street:

John Lewis has very quirky window displays this year: animals made out of household goods and products.

This bear here is just plain awesome.

 photo _DSC3077f.jpg

 photo _DSC3078f.jpg

Pink electronic hair products rabbits! My kind of pet.

 photo _DSC3079f.jpg

 photo _DSC3085f.jpg

 photo _DSC3087f.jpg

This one is cute as well xD

 photo _DSC3088f.jpg

Selfridges is as fabulous and glamourous as ever, not much different from every other day lol.

 photo _DSC3121f.jpg

Of course, except for their window displays. This year they have gigantic models of expensive products on display (this totally reminds me of Tim Walker’s props haha).

 photo _DSC3122f.jpg

I can’t show it on the photo, but the cat shoe’s ears move like a real cat! It was so cute!

 photo _DSC3125f.jpg

Awesome display by Kenzo.

 photo _DSC3126f.jpg

Haha I think I like this one best. I still don’t get their concept but I really like it somehow hahaha. There were an old couple standing their for a very long time (so long I took them to the frame as well), don’t know if they have some deep knowledges about men shorts hanging around super duper long and tiny ladders.

 photo _DSC3129f.jpg

(Yves) Saint Laurent with a giant gold clutch with a swinging tassel that keeps sweeping the snow underneath.

 photo _DSC3130f.jpg

Regent Street:

They have these antlers-like decorations hanging along the whole street, which looks really cool and I’m really sad I don’t have any photo of me on the street. I think everyone who’s been to London around this time have a photo like that on their Instagram lol.

 photo _DSC3118f.jpg

 photo _DSC3107f.jpg

Piccadilly Circus:

A coffee shop I came across while running to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet up with my friends (and yeah I was too late and they were already finishing their meal while I took these photos).

 photo _DSC3169f.jpg

 photo _DSC3171f.jpg

 photo _DSC3173f.jpg

Another giant display: snow globe in the middle of Piccadilly Circus!

 photo _DSC3178f.jpg

Leicester Square:

Even though I wasn’t able to have dinner with my friends in time, I went to the Christmas Funfair in Leicester Square with them (with a bag of McDonald’s meal).

 photo _DSC3237f.jpg

 photo _DSC3245f.jpg

We played some prizing games (which resulted in no prize-winning at all and lots of money-wasting, and I killed 2 minions), then we went onto the wheel.

 photo _DSC3273f.jpg

 photo _DSC3283f.jpg

 photo _DSC3286f.jpg

I ate so much that evening…

 photo _DSC3288f.jpg

It was the best evening I had in London so far, spending time with my friends on the last night before the holidays. In the early morning next day, I went straight to the airport, feeling somewhat sad and attached to the place I’m leaving. Which is weird because I’ll go back there soon and will meet up with my friends anyway lol. But of course, I was really looking forward going back home where my loved ones are as well.

Nevertheless, if I can spend every Christmas like that it wouldn’t be too bad haha.

 photo _DSC3292f.jpg


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London Calling: Portobello Road market


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 photo Photo27-10-2013155921.jpg

Hello lovelies! Starting from today I will be having a new series for my blog: London Calling. Haha that sounded like a serious announcement. Ehem. This series will be posts about places that I discover and enjoy the most in London.

As some of you may have known, I have returned to the UK to continue my study; and this time, I will be living in London! I’ve promised myself not to waste my time this year into staying home surfing the internet or laying around. I will get myself to explore London and England as much as possible! Well, when I don’t have class of course…

 photo Photo27-10-2013155404.jpg

Last weekend I had some time for my own and just enjoy going back to the place I’ve been longing to go back the most: Portobello road market. I’ve been there 3 years ago with my family, when I haven’t even decided to study abroad yet.

Portobello is “the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible”, and it is nearly 150 years old! There are 5 sections of the market: New Goods, Fashion, Fruit & Veg, Second Hand Goods, and Antiques. I was only there for the Antiques and Second-hand goods though.

 photo Photo31-10-2013002929.jpg

I went there by tube and came out from Ladbroke Grove station, which, just by crossing the road right outside, I’ve already reached the market! If you start here, the first section you’ll see is new goods/second-hands/fashion. It’s a mix really. But that part isn’t situated Portobello road though.

 photo Photo27-10-2013150658.jpg

The first thing I noticed was this lovely cupcakes stall, probably because I didn’t have breakfast. They weren’t only cute but delicious as well! I bought a brownie cupcake, as the lady there recommended. It sure was tasty ♥

 photo Photo27-10-2013150958.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013153328.jpg

While enjoying my cupcake, I found out a vintage clothing stall that sells vintage Levi’s denim jackets! Jackpot right at the start of the day!

 photo Photo27-10-2013153659.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013153751.jpg

They were all in very good condition, and at a bargain price as well! And I sure did give myself one, I’ve been searching for my perfect match for such a long time!

Right next to it was a vintage fur coats & hats stall. What a fabulous corner it was.

 photo Photo27-10-2013153902.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013154410.jpg

There were beautiful vintage clothing everywhere, good foods that make your stomach grumble all the time, the smell of old books subtly mixing in the air and funky jazz music playing from vintage CDs stalls on the street with happy owners dancing to it. It felt like I was lost in Wonderland.

 photo Photo27-10-2013154619.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013154853.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013155227.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013155100.jpg

At the end of this section is Portobello Road. The houses/shops on this road is absolutely beautiful, and awesome. Look at the way they decorated this shop!

 photo Photo27-10-2013155831.jpg

There were also more stalls on the road, selling all kind of things, from fancy hat wear to miscellaneous toy figures.

 photo Photo27-10-2013155653.jpg

 photo Photo31-10-2013003054.jpg

But those weren’t what I came here for, so I searched for the Antiques section and found out that it is near the intersection between Portobello Road and Westborne Grove, which takes quite some time to walk. So up on the bus I went!

Before that I didn’t forget to get me a delicious caramel churros.

 photo Photo27-10-2013160417.jpg

When I arrived at the right stop, there was this hip and pretty flower shop that I just have to take a picture of, because it just looks so cool.

 photo Photo27-10-2013160129.jpg

Then, I found my way to the market.

 photo Photo27-10-2013162056.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013162249.jpg

It was exactly how I remembered it: crowded, full of beautiful and colourful houses, and a giant tea pot hanging.

 photo Photo27-10-2013162733.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013162944.jpg

Ahh I still remember this shop. They sell many things here including super realistic miniature! I bought 2 tiny rabbit miniatures there 3 years ago haha.

 photo Photo27-10-2013163124.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013164033.jpg

This is an antique shop where they sells many kind of antique clocks. I still remember how my dad stopped by for half of the day there before…

 photo Photo27-10-2013163238.jpg

And there were plenty of vintage British silverware stalls on the road. So amazingly shiny…

 photo Photo27-10-2013163801.jpg

Vintage jewelries and accessories that seduces all the ladies…

 photo Photo27-10-2013163442.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013163557.jpg

English style porcelains that would definitely seduces my mom…

 photo Photo28-10-2013000534.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013164200.jpg

And street performers! He didn’t forget to introduce his youtube channel when he finished the song.

 photo Photo27-10-2013164706.jpg

After walking leisurely and going back and forth on the street a few good times, I finally decided to go home. There were many more beautifully colourful houses on my way to Notting Hill Gate tube station. Arghhh, that just made me want to live there.

 photo Photo28-10-2013000628.jpg

 photo Photo27-10-2013164637HDR.jpg

 And of course, I didn’t forget to ask somebody to take a picture of me there.

 photo Photo28-10-2013000307.jpg

Although it rained all day, I felt really refreshed after spending my day alone there, just browsing through the shops and stalls, enjoying the atmosphere of the market. It was a feel-good day for me. I’ll be sure to go there again some time, there are still many corners I haven’t discovered yet, but I’ll save it for when my friend comes here. It would be nice as well to have someone sharing your interest to go with you.

 photo Photo27-10-2013164800.jpg


-If you plan to go there for the Antique section, remember that it’s only opened on Saturday around 9am. And the market will get crowded from around 11:30am.

-I started from the Ladbroke Grove station end, but if you want to start right at Portobello Road, the nearest station would be Notting Hill Gate. Starting from there, you’ll be able to enjoy more vintage shops and fashion stores on the way to the market.


And tada~ This is the Levi’s jacket that I bought at the market! It’s super thick and warm, hence its heavy weight…But this is the best denim piece I have ever spent my money on, and it was so cheap as well! Next time I’ll try to bring back a faux fur coat haha.

 photo Photo27-10-2013151500.jpg

Until next time lovelies!

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Outfits: Lace here, lace there, lace everywhere!


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This is a total throwback! I’ve just found this post buried in my draft posts pile. I was supposed to post it last last summer! Wow… That’s why there’s the Lookbook Hype button on some photos lol. And woah, I look…different. OK from here on it’s what I’ve written back then haha.


I just adore lace. It makes everything more feminine and more sophisticated. When it comes to designing and sewing, lace is also my favourite material. I’ll definitely post photos of my work using lace someday xD

But today, I’m just going to post some of my looks. The most common combo would be with a skirt. In this post, I’m going to show you several ways to wear a lace top, apart from wearing skirts.

Pure White //Lace on Lace

all-white top-to-bottom.






Lace top: Zara

Lace shorts: Ebay

Bangles: Ebay

Crochet shoes: Ebay


A Touch of Edginess

with black faux accessories and faux leather.






Lace top: Zara

Red/Burgundy top: Topshop

Tights: Asos

Accessories: Ebay

Studded shoes: Ebay


Youthful & Feminine

with a dab of pastel pink of course!




Lace top: Zara

Pastel pink shorts: Vero Moda

Accessories: Dorothy Perkins

Crochet shoes: Ebay


B&W with a pop of Colour

stripy lace top with red velvet skirt.




Striped lace top: Romwe

Velvet skirt: Zara

Shoes: Ebay


It’s Valentine ♥

simple yet it’s super effective!

And here’s the link to my Valentine nail art tutorial.


Lace top: Zara

High waisted shorts: Asos market place

Bag: Zara

Shoes: Ebay


Grey & White

it can never goes wrong.


Lace top: Zara

Lace shorts: Ebay

Waterfall cardigan: H&M

Bag: Ebay

Creepers: Ebay

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

Outfit: The perfect mullet dress


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 photo DSC_6680f.jpg

This, is a very very very late update. And I am ashamed about that. After my trip to Italy I only focus onto my UK visa and house renting and stuff over there. I didn’t really have time for myself and my precious blog *weep*. And so today, I am finally posting another of my outfits (a bit too late now since it’s almost winter everywhere in the world, but here it is anyway).

 photo DSC_6678f2.jpg

I found this nice little alley in Florence, my favourite city in Italy. I didn’t get to wear this dress much in Vietnam since I sit on motorbike a lot while I don’t like sitting with both my legs on one side, like a proper lady, so much. So yeah, this is my purrrfect chance. Haha.

 photo DSC_6687f.jpg

 photo DSC_6702f.jpg

My shoulders are boney so I wore a denim shirt on top to cover it up, I look horrible without it. If you’re having the same problem then you might want to try that.

 photo DSC_6684f.jpg

Although it looks a bit inconvenience to travel, this dress is actually the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn (I can totally run miles in this baby), and the cotton fabric it’s made out of is perfect for travelling as well, sweat-free and wrinkle-free! Plus, it’s grey, it goes with almost everything.

 photo DSC_6687f2.jpg

 photo DSC_6708f.jpg

Mullet dress: BOO//Picked by Boo

Denim shirt: H&M

Oxford shoes: Zipia

Striped bag: Charity shop in Canterbury (£3!)

Sunglasses: Vivienne Westwood

 photo Sigiecopy2.png

Shopping haul in Italy


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As you’ve known, I visited Italy a few weeks ago. While I was there, I treated myself to some beauties that I’ve had a hard time deciding to buy or not, since my shopping budget for the whole trip is limited. But, I am totally happy with what I took home:

 photo italyhaulf.jpg

Left to right, top to bottom: Black bow hair clip: H&M | Bracelets & necklaces: H&M | White mask: a mask shop in Venice | Red polka dot handkerchief: a tie shop in Milan | White cropped top: Stradivarius | Red cropped trousers: Zara | Necklace set: Brandy♥Melville | Two toned red leather Oxford shoes: a leather shoes shop in Florence.

 photo hampmbraceletsnecklace.jpeg

Bracelets set & necklace from H&M. I’m in love this stone necklace, it’s so simple yet it can add impacts to an outfit.

 photo embossingstamp.jpeg

A wax seal kit bought in a paper shop in Venice including: a wooden handle, a “B” stamp (for Bun), a “CH” stamp (for Chi Han), a pink wax stick and a golden wax stick. This is probably the best thing I’ve bought in Italy, totally love it! And I will probably search the internet for more haha.

*If you’re following my Instagram you’ve probably seen all of this already. If not, click the Instagram icon on the right sidebar (or find me @bun_holic) to see my feed if you’re interested, and may be hit follow if you want to get updated more frequently hehe.

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Photo diary: Discovering Italy (part 4), Venice – Verona – Milan


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This is the 4th and last part of my photo diary in Italy. Today we’re going to the most romantic and fabulous cities in Italy: Venice where the only transportations are boats & gondolas, Verona where the love story of Romeo & Juliet took place, and Milan where all the famous fashion brands gather. And no doubt Milan is my favourite city in Italy.


 photo 150.jpg

 photo 150a.jpg

 photo 150b.jpg

 photo 150b-1.jpg

 photo 150e.jpg

 photo 150g-1.jpg

 photo 150g.jpg

 photo 151.jpg

 photo 152.jpg

 photo 161.jpg

 photo 161a.jpg

 photo 161b.jpg

 photo 161c.jpg

 photo 162.jpg

 photo 163.jpg

 photo 168.jpg

 photo 168f.jpg

 photo 170.jpg

 photo 182.jpg

 photo 183.jpg

 photo 185.jpg

 photo 187.jpg

 photo 190f.jpg


 photo 191.jpg

 photo 194.jpg

 photo 196.jpg

 photo 197.jpg

 photo 200.jpg


 photo 201.jpg

 photo 202.jpg

 photo 203.jpg

 photo 204.jpg

 photo 205.jpg

 photo 206.jpg

 photo 207.jpg

 photo 208.jpg  photo Sigiecopy2.png

Photo diary: Discovering Italy (part 3), Amalfi – Capri – Rome


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This is the 3rd part of my photo diary in Italy. In this post, I’ll bring you to the sea, driving along side the Amalfi beach and cruising to the Capri island. Then, I’ll take you to the capital of Italy, Rome! While we’re in Rome, we’ll also have a brief look at Vatican.


 photo 109.jpg

 photo 110.jpg

 photo 111-1.jpg


 photo 112.jpg

 photo 114.jpg

 photo 116.jpg

 photo 117.jpg

 photo 118.jpg

 photo 119.jpg

 photo 120.jpg

 photo 121.jpg

 photo 122.jpg

 photo 124.jpg

 photo 127.jpg

 photo 128.jpg

 photo 134.jpg

 photo 139.jpg

 photo 136.jpg

 photo 138.jpg


 photo 142.jpg

 photo 143.jpg

 photo 144.jpg

 photo 145.jpg

 photo 146.jpg


 photo 148.jpg

 photo 149.jpg


 photo Sigiecopy2.png


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